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Kentucky Mud Masters

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We are wanting to have a Mud Run !!!
The problem is -
Rainy Season and Land Issues.
If there is someone that has land and wants to host a Mud Run - Please let us know. 
We will not be able to use Twilight Trail because of the issues of getting the mud off the road and getting folks in and out of the place. 
So if you are willing to host and clean up - Let us know and we will come do the show.  Untill then everyone have a great cold season!!

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Congrats to Brenda - She got hitched October 10th 2009.  We wish you all the Happiness in the world !!!!!!
  She is always out there working hard for a great cause! 
Always has a smile on her face. 
Who knew that she enjoyed the mud so much !!!

One of Frankfort's Most Famous People
Getting Muddie with the Mud Masters


Thanks to our local radio stations for helping us promote our benefit.  Please check out their sites. We really appreciate you folks!!!!

Froggy 104.9

Star 103.7

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Demand Colt Ford in Frankfort!
Colt Ford in Frankfort - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all Frankfort events on Eventful

Help us get Colt Ford here.  We would love to have him at one of our events and get his help to raise money for cancer.  We need your help to do it.  Click on the demand button above and follow the instructions.

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This Section is for comments.  Tell us what you think !!
Since your here sign our guestbook - We have made lots of new friends since the start of this club.  We would love to here from you all.  All you have to do is click on the little blue button below that reads "sign my guessbook"



If you are interested in the KY Mud Masters mailing list, please fill out the form below.  Make sure to complete the address section (include city, state and zip).  Everytime the Mud Masters hold an event, we will send you a flyer with event information.

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Froggy 104.9, Homeplus Construction & Roofing, CC Moore Construction, Napa Auto Parts of Shelbyville, Brenda Toles & Cindy Fultz with Advance Auto West, Dougs Tire Center, Moffett Construction, Joel Willard Trucking, Stewarts Plumbing, Chevron Service Plus, Customers of Chism Hardware, O'Brien Ford, Thompson Excavating, Mitchells Towing, Mackey's Plumbing, Sutton Auto Repair, Judy C. Harp Company, Sacks Market, Peach's Lumber and Bottoms Engineering.
These folks are sponsors that we have gained for our first event of 2009, we really appreciate everything.  It is great that you all are giving back to your community.  Little things help in really Big ways.
Thanks to all our Sponsors - With out these folks our benefits in 2008 would not have been possible.
Tingle's Concrete, Lakeland Properties, Progressive Plumbing,General Rental, Shram Heating and Cooling, Napier Small Engine Repair, Mac A Doo's Pub, Clark Moving Company, Fast Trax Inc., Solheim Roofing, Benson Marina, T's Marine, Tender Lawn Cut n Edge, L&J Catering, Abracadabra Graphics, Amen East Auto Salvage, Owen County Auto Recycling.
Also thanks to all personal donations made by Ben Bush, Mike Shouse, Sam Chainey, Jim Short.

Mailing Address:
Kentucky Mud Masters
175 Travis Circle Rd.
Frankfort KY 40601