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Kentucky Mud Masters

Our Members

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Our Members
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President - Trevor Tingle
Vice President - Eddie Smither
Treasurer - Marsha Toles-Smither
Secretary - Angie Tingle

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List of Official Members are:
Bryan Atwood
Shannon Atwood
Linda Bailey
Ricky Bailey
Jerry Campbell
Maria Clark
Thomas Clay (TC)
Ronnie Coleman
Andy Conley
David Dawson
Victoria Dawson
Jack Finfrock
Laura Finfrock
Amelia Gomez
Jennifer House
Chris Hundley (RIP)
Jessica James
John Jones
Chris Lynch
Jimmy Lynch
Larry Richardson
Darryl Shepard
Lindsey Smith
Steve "Smitty" Smith
Eddie Smither
Marsha Toles-Smither
Angie Tingle
Lyndsi Tingle
Trevor Tingle
New Initations:
Morgan Bonzo
Billie Fightmaster
Bobbie Finfrock
Devin Franklin
Doug Harrod
Megan Hughes
Josh Kays
Kristi Manley
Tiny Moody
Paul Slusher
Sara Slusher
Brittany Tate

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Becoming a Member

*Initiation process

Attend a KY Mud Master meeting

Pay a $12.00 initiation fee

Go through 60 day probation period

Attend all official meetings and events

Show complete interest in our cause

*Official Member

On the end of the 60 day probationary period all official members will vote on each initiated member that is at the end of their probationary period. These members will be excused while this process takes place. Voting is done by a closed ballot, this will take place at the first available meeting date scheduled.

Once you are elected in you are to pay your yearly dues of $12.00. The month that you are elected in will be the month that you renew your membership each year.

*Club Shirts

All members are furnished a staff shirt by the club, these shirts are to be worn when the KY Mud Masters is hosting an event. All member shirts can be purchased through the club.

Our sponsers have been a great big help:  THANKS A BUNCH
General Rental, CC Moore Excavating, Tingle Concrete, Precision Foundation, Shram Heating & Cooling,  Bobby Rue & Son excavating, Banks Construction & Brenda Toles with Advance Auto Parts